Friday, 17 May 2019

Referral Link Promotion; 5 Killer Strategies to Get Endless Commissions via you referral link

Now is the time because I take you through various great ways to advertise affiliate programs and make money via promotion your referral link

I am sure you have heard about Forums.
Well, even if you don’t know what forums are, then I believe you know about forums like Quora, Reddit and Nairaland (The most popular Nigerian Forum) till date. is capable of making you money endlessly and its one of the first places I go when it comes to making people know about a product, program or services.

Because Nairaland forum is an authority website. Knowledge Sharing Platform. They have lots of members who gist, post news, and many WHO WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

So if you are on Nairaland Forum, you can post about the program you are promoting.

E.g. If I was promoting HIWAP and looking for referrals, i can post on the site “How to make money with HIWAP, and also teach them what the program is all about and how they can benefit from it.

People will want to click, read and Boom, you start seeing people registering through your affiliate link and you making money.

That’s the power of forums; there are a lot of members (Nigerians) who are there to make you money.

Stop asking me what I mean by Social Media.
Social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…
When We chat and connect with friends and families.
You don’t know how much you are missing daily.

What I’m trying to say is that you if you have a Facebook account, then from time to time you can share your referral links with friends and many of them will want to try out the program you are promoting.

Just let them know how the program can help them, show them proof and before you know it, they start joining and you make your money.

That’s just it with social media basically. I would have gone into the Advanced Social media such as Facebook advertising but that is a topic for another day.
For now, focus on learning these ones and take action.

YouTube is owned by Google, So anything Video you publish on YouTube will be seen by Thousands if not millions.
The fact is that YouTube video creating channels are very few compared to a website.

YouTube is an authority site and millions of visitors come there every day and every minute.
You can record a 3minutes or 5 minutes video of how these programs work, and how they can make money from it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect at all, just list talk about the program and what its all about plus how to register and make money etc.
Then drop your referral link, Simple

If I were you, I’d do one thing and what is it?
I will create a WhatsApp group and tell people to join or invite people.

When you have some good number of members, you can then follow them up and introduce the program you are promoting.

Many of them will be interested if you can convince them that the program is legit.

The interesting thing is that you can always introduce new programs to them and you continue making money from those Whatsapp group members.

Just stay true to your words so they don’t lose trust in you.
Be the first to try programs and if it works, share with them your proofs and they will be intrigued to join and make money as well.
Don’t forget to recommend them to the programs with your referral links

This last strategy involves the spending of money.
The concept is that you can contact some website or blog owners and ask them to write about the program you are promoting on their sites.

If I am promoting Digital product that i own OR you i get a commission when i sell them, I will contact a blog or website owners who write about ways to make money online to write on the product.

Note: They will charge you a fee monthly depending on what the owner of the Blog wants. But your referral link will be published in the post.
When you make money from your commission, you will be sure to have more than enough to pay the website owner.
Always note that, if you don’t take actions you will never see results and;.
Earning from any Affiliate marketing in World is very easy if you follow what works.

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